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More Then Meets The Eye Ch. 7
Dakota's POV
" Ow Bonnie! That hurts!"
" Sorry!" She said as she pulled the brush through my hair. She yanked it hard, making me scream.
" Bon? Maybe i should do her hair." Offered Meredith. I nodded quickly, earning a look from bonnie. Meredith gently brushed the knots out of my hair, and pulled it back into a tight pony tail. Elena then took over, doing my make up. She lined my eyes with a dark black color, being that my school colors were red and black, putting a dark red eyeshadow. she did a glossy, sparkly red-ish pink for my lips. Matt knocked on the door, climbing through, holding my uniform. Bonnie snatched it up, and forced it in my hands. I slid it on. 'ooh's and 'aaahhh's came from behind me. Meredith tide the bow into my hair, for some reason it looked bigger and brighter then usual. I put my shoes on, and twirled. I glanced at the clock. " Well, I better get going."
" Well you need to wait for me!" Meredith protested.
" Your on the squad?"
" Your friends asked me to, i sai
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More Then Meets The Eye Ch. 6
Dakota's POV
" M-Matt? What are you doing?"
He didn't answer. He leaned down, and kissed me slowly. I crept my fingers up his bare chest, into his blonde hair. I slowly wrapped my legs around his waist. The kiss became intense, but i pulled away. " The door." He seemed to understand. " I already locked it."
I pulled my jacket off, and kicked off my shoes. I pulled him back into the kiss, and i guess instinct to over.
The sound of thunder woke me up, almost as if it was in this room. I tried to get up, but found that i was unable to move cue to two arms around me. I turned to see Matt sleeping next to me. I smiled and relaxed. i lay there for a while, and he soon lets go of me, turning over on his other side. I look at the clock, and realized just how late it was. I could hear people moving around down stairs, minding their business. I quietly got up, and headed to my closet. " Morning Blue." Matt yawned. I looked over my shoulder, throwing him a smile. " Morning."
" Nice jammies." He s
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More Then Meets The Eye Ch. 5
Matt's POV
" Okay, so after school, she has cheerleading, and this is her schedule, so yea, just act like her." I told Elena. She nodded. She was wearing something similar to the kind of clothes Blue had. " Oh, yea, and She has an ex boy friend Mitch you should watch out for, and her two friends Jordan and Jess."
" Got it, other then that, i should be able to find my way." She grabbed Blue's backpack, the locker number and combination was written down for her, and stuck in her pocket. She left. " Matt! Bonnie! Stefan! Zander! Get in here!" Damon called from his room. I took no hesitation to run straight to his room, where blue was. She was making motions with her hands, making look like she was going insane. " Blue-" I couldn't find the words to say. Her blonde hair in a mess, her blue eyes grey, her perfect skin was pale white, like a snowflake. " Draw." She muttered, she said it again and again. I handed her a piece of paper and a pen. She started to scribble on the page. I couldn't
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More Then Meets The Eye Ch. 5
Dakota's POV
Throughout the day, people were asking what happened, or how i was doing. I would give them simple answers, but i wanted out of this building. It was as if i could hear every little thing that happened. By the time lunch came around, i didn't stop at the lunch room. I went straight outside, with Meredith and Damon on my heels. I sat on a bench, And meredith did the same. " I- I can't go back in there." i choked out. They looked at me, then at one another, then back at me. " Should we call Alaric?" Damon asked. Meredith hesitated. " I don't know, but this isn't normal." She said. I looked at them. They looked at me.
" What isn't normal?" I asked them. Their eyes widened, and meredith pulled out her phone.
" Will you answer me!?"
" Blue, we whispered so only vampires could hear."
" Oh." I said in a small voice. Damon grabbed my face, and looked at me. " She's not a vampire." He let go of my face. " I only have two bells to go, then i have cheerleading practice." I said to my
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More Then Meets The Eye Ch. 4
Dakota's POV
" Matt, why did you follow me?" He looked at me, then rushed over. He sat beside me, staring into my eyes.
" How did you hear that?"
" You were in this room, it wasn't hard."
" Bonnie and I were in the parking lot."
" Thats- Thats-"
" Impossible? Well, vampires are real, anything is possible."
" But i'm not a vampire!", I said in a big voice, " Am i?" I asked in a much smaller voice. He pressed his index finger against my tooth. " Well, your not a vampire, or a were-wolf, you would've bit my hand off."
" Ew."
" Yea, not pleasant for me either."
I Heard the door open, yet i didn't bother to look and see who it was. My neck was throbbing, my wrist felt like it was burning. I clenched my eyes shut, letting a few tears escape. " Blue?" Matt said. I looked up. Mitch stood at the end of the bed. " What are you doing here?"
" What happened to you?"
" You punched me in the face and gave my a black eye, and i was attacked by a freaking animal! But why should you care anyway?"
" D,
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More Then Meets The Eye Ch. 3
Girl's POV
" You have to, you have no other options."
" He'll track us, Stefan, its not hard to." Damon spat. Stefan shook his head, denying thats staying, and sending Elena to trick him is the bad option, and that me leaving is. " Boys! Who are you talking about? And don't i get a say in this?" Stefan barely noticed me talking. I stood up. " I'm not going any where, my parents will worry, my friends are going to be upset, and i'm a senior in high school, i'm going to finish high school."
Damon picked me up and slung me over his shoulder, carrying me to my room. He set me down on the bed, and started to pace around the room, running his fingers through his hair. " Damon?"
" What!?" He spat. I yelped and flinched, expecting him to hit me. When the hit didn't come, i slightly opened my eyes, seeing that he was inches away from me. i scurried away, running down the hall. He appeared in front of me. I screamed and turned around, only to find him there. I jumped, and fell on my butt. I craw
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More Then Meets The Eye Ch. 2
Damon's POV
" No, i'm telling you, this girl looks exactly like Elena!" I told them. Stefan and Elena stared at me with disbelief. " Damon, that can't be right. I'm the last dople- ganger."
" No, don't you remember that your here and Kathryn was a vampire?"
" Damon has a point Elena." Stefan agreed. She stamped her foot in frustration, and walked to their room. I looked at my watch. " Damn it! don't wanna be late!" i said as i rushed out of the house. " Wear to?"
" Well i got to find out this girls name, don't I?"
got into my car and raced to the batting cages.
I found her standing there, something off about her, as if she was afraid of me. " Hey there." she said.
" Hello."
" ready to start?"
" you bet."
She handed me some coins, keeping a bit for herself, grabbed a bat and helmet and stepped through the gate. " You sure you want fast pitch baseball?"
" Don't underestimate me Damon." she warned. I held my hands in defense, and a bit of surrender, as i grabbed my own bat and helmet. We
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More Then Meets The Eye Ch. 1
Life. Life had always been good for me, until last week. Last week was the first week of the school year. I'm a senior in high school, head cheerleader, straight A student, and the courter back of the football team is my boyfriend. Yep life was good. Until he walked into class. And don't get me wrong, this boy was fine. He had dark black hair, sorta pale skin, but something about him that turned me on. He chose the seat right next to mine, taking off his ray bands, flashing me a bright white smile. " Hi, my names Damon Salvator. And Yours?"
I considered it, but i glanced at my friends. " Earn it." I told him. He looked confused. " What?" he asked.
" Earn it."
" I have to earn you name?"
" Yep."
" Challenge accepted. You free saturday?"
" No, she's not." A voice said from behind me. I turned around, getting a hug from a letterman jacket. " Hey Babe."  I said. See, Mitch was the type of boy who was a giant. He was tall, good looking and had everyone believing that we would get marri
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Four Gods, One Half Blood Ch. 24
Riot's POV
" No, I don't understand!"
" Riot the answer is simple! Your spending too much time with that boy-"
" 'That Boy'? Father he has a name, you should try learning it."
" Don't you talk to me like that Riotra!"
" Don't call me that! You know what happened because of that name!"
I stormed off. I would never forgive my father, ever. Not only did he forbid me for seeing Nico, but he promised me to someone i would have to marry tomorrow, and he called me by my full name. I couldn't stay on olympus with athena, I hated being in that hunt, which left me one place to go. My other father's palace. As i walked slowly into the salt water, I heard an eagle, and saw lightning. I dove into the water, not worrying about air. I swam quickly to Poseidon's palace. I knew he was in the throne room, because i heard his voice, and someone else's, that i could almost recognize. I hid behind one of the pillars, and watched as Poseidon and the boy talked. " Riot, come out from behind there please."
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Four Gods, One Half Blood Ch. 23
Riot's POV
I sat on the bench, waiting. Nico said he would meet me here. Two hands covered my eyes. " Hey Riot."
" Nico?"
" Who else?" he sat beside me. I threw my arms around him, sobbing. " Oh my gods Nico, i'm so sorry!"
" Woah, sorry about what?"
" I- i need to tell you something."
" Anything."
" Just promise you won't get mad."
" Promise."
" Last night i was drunk, like wasted and i think i may have slept with someone."
" How do you think you may have slept with some one?"
" Well, i can't really remember. . . i just thought that i needed to tell you."
" Why?"
" i don't want to lie to someone i love."
He wrapped his arms around me. " If we're confessing, i think i may have too."
" Last night?"
" Yeah, you weren't the only drunk one."
I felt sighed in relief. Together we walked hand in hand down the pathway. " Nico?"
" Hmm?"
" I want you to meet someone."
" Who?"
" You'll see, follow me."
I lead him the elevator, and then through Manhattan. The door of my house creaked as it opened,
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Four Gods, One Half Blood Ch. 22
Riot's POV
" Riot, come out."
" No."
" Yes, now come on, you can't sit in the shower forever."
" Yes i can."
" You've been in it since yesterday! Get out of there!"
Reluctantly, i shut the water off. Soaking wet, i opened the door. Thalia stood there, with Aphrodite next to her, and Artemis sitting on the chair. My mother spotted my almost instantly, and came rushing over. She draped a towel over my shoulders. Aphrodite took over from there, rushing me into my closet, trying to find me something to wear. Thalia was already dressed and ready to go, so as Aphrodite picked my outfit, Thalia blow dried my hair. " How about this?"
Aphrodite held up a bright green dress, exactly like the party dress i wore for my party.
" No one will be able to miss you in this!"
" I want something pink."
They all looked as if i told them i was going to eat a boot. Aphrodite was the first to recover, rushing back to the racks of clothing, smiling and giggling. Thalia shook her head, coming out of shock. She
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Four Gods, One Half Blood Ch. 21
Riot's POV
I spotted Thalia in the garden, reading, i think. I headed over to her, making sure no one was following me.
" Thalia!" I called. Her head lifted, and she waved. When i reached her, she had closed her book and was smiling. " Have you seen Nico?"
Her smile faded. " No, Why?"
I was tempted to tell her what had happened las night, but i held that to myself. " Just. . . Looking for him."
She shrugged. " Oh! I meant to tell you that my ceremony is tomorrow night! I'm really happy, You and Artemis are going to speak for me, but Aphrodite is picking my outfit and stuff."
" Yeah, you saw what i had to wear, not my first choice."
She laughed. " Yeah, the whole camps gonna be here, for the second time this week."
" True." I admitted.
" Riot, look out!" Thalia said. Before i could notice what she meant, my vision blurred as a pained hit my head. instead of being Godly, i blacked out.
When i woke again, i was chained to a wall. I frantically looked around, trying to find out what was go
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One Direction: Post Apocalypse Ch. 23
Zoe's POV
" Hey guys, have you seen Niall?" I asked them. It had been hours since he left, and i was starting to worry.
" No, but i wouldn't worry too much, he's a strong lad." Harry told me
" Yeah, well, considering that he went to get food five hours ago and isn't back yet, and Liam and Louis are missing, I will worry."
" Point taken. I'll go look for him." Said Zayn. He got out of his chair, and grabbed his shotgun, which he had with him at all times since Rain had left two years ago, and even more now that she was back. " I'm going to find Rain."
" Oh no your not! you stay here." Andy said. I gave her the death stare, and headed for the door. I took a walk to Daren's, and knocked on the door. " Daren?! Rain?! It's Zoe!" I called. The door creaked open, and Daren let me in. " You just missed Rain, she's been in and out of here."
" Do you know when she's getting back?" As soon as i asked his phone rung.
" That would be her, and half an hour. You can wait here if you want."
" Sure."
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A Niall Horan Love Story Ch. 31
Lexie POV
Watching my friend do the things i used to made me sad. I knew that i had a pretty good life, but I couldn't help but think about how much this would effect my life. The Boys, were messing around, like always. I stormed upstairs. This was supposed to be my HONEYMOON. They ruined it. Not only did i lose my arm, but i can't even have two week vacation without them? I was about to start crying, when i felt a something in my throat. I ran to the bathroom, and puked. I hear a knock at the door. " Go - away." i tell them. " In sickness and in health remember, love?"
I flushed the toilet. " Yeah, i remember, but i still want some dignity."
I heard him chuckle. I wiped my mouth, and brushed my teeth. I opened the door, and looked at Niall. His blue eyes locked with mine. I walked passed him, and looked in my bag. Of course, Hope being the messed up person she was, had put pregnancy tests. Reluctantly, i grabbed one. Niall eyed the test. " You don't think-?"
" It might
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One Direction: Post Apocalypse Ch. 22
Rain's POV
Daren had let me stay with him, but was barely around. I had tried to keep my distance from the rest of the boys, but that didn't mean i didn't stalk them.( lol creepin') I knelt down, behind my little bush, and waited. I knew that they had to come out eventually. I saw them moving around, watching through the windows. I saw the door open out of the corner of my eye. Niall stepped outside, and walked to his car. I lifted my cross bow, aimed, and fired. The arrow hit him square in the back, but he didn't scream. Instead he fell to the ground, telling me the poison has done its job. I used my powers to make the body move closer to me. I dragged him to the tracks, and buried him, along with Louis and Liam. I knelt on the tracks, in front of them. Knowing Niall wasn't fully dead, yet buried alive, i started speaking. " I'm sorry, i didn't know this is what i would have to do. I love all of you so much, but i didn't have a choice, they would have sent Antiopa after all of us, inc
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One Direction: Post Apocalypse Ch.21
Rain's POV
" Leave me alone!" I screamed. They had been picking at me all day where Louis was, and it was annoying. I slammed my door, of course that didn't stop them. They kept asking me through the door. When they finally stopped, it was dark. I heard them walk away, but i knew better then to check just yet. I used my thermal vision through the door, checking if they were really gone. They were. I opened my door, looked around, and shut my door, once again locking myself in my room. I went through my weapons. I took my hollow blade, and filled it with poison. I hear a knock at the door. " Who's there?"
" Liam."
I opened the door, and let him in. I was still holding the blade, but i hid it behind my back. I shut the door.
" Sorry about earlier, we've been paranoid."
" I don't see any reason not to be."
" Ha ha, if only we were normal again."
" Yeah, but thats a big IF."
He nodded. He turned to face me, and i stabbed the blade in his side. He looked at me, with pain in his eyes. " I'm
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Hey guys! So, i can't get into my email account, which is making me mad, and my sister can't get into hers, my friend can't get into her Account on this website, and well, nothing is working out with us, and it sucks.
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